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Design – Our experience in providing Outdoor Plant arrangements and your ideas for your project are brought together to provide exactly the right outdoor effect for the business. By carefully selecting the materials and plants we use, solutions can be provided that meet almost all budgets

Installation – After we agree the design for your Outdoor plant arrangements we draw up our installation plan. This often (but not always) includes some onsite ground preparation work, installation of irrigation systems or supports for Window Boxes and Hanging Baskets. We undertake all this work ourselves.

Maintenance – Once your outdoor garden is up and running we just need to keep it looking as good as new. Major Plants' staff return each week and make sure that your Outdoor Plants, Hanging Baskets, Window Boxes look as good as they did when they were first installed. As part of our service we also replace the plants in your Outdoor arrangements twice a year with those suitable for the Summer and Winter seasons and maintain your irrigation system regularly.

We know that Busy Pubs, Restaurants and Hotels have enough work to do without trying to remember whether the plants have been watered, fed or tidied up. Calling in the experts like Major Plants Limited means you can get on with your business while we ensure that outside, your Plant arrangements and presentation will never let you down. We've been working direct with pubs and the catering industry for many years and making sure your business is looking it's best, is our business!

Our exterior landscaping services include hanging baskets, window boxes, even creating and managing complete pub gardens. We also provide a range of other outdoor services such as street displays for Councils. Our grounds maintenance division also undertakes lawn maintenance, grass cutting, border and hedge maintenance and soft landscaping.

We offer a choice of striking flower displays to create a fresh, welcoming image for any pub, restaurant or hotel. Every display is tailored to compliment your company or pub corporate image to ensure your customers WALK IN instead of WALKING BY.

We are passionate about what we do!! and our customers tell us how much of a difference our service makes to them. Why not take up our offer of an absolutely free, no obligation consultation to explore how we could make a difference for your business?